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Ordering Procedures

Advance Orders:
In order to provide the freshest food and highest quality service possible, we request that all food and beverage orders be placed at least two business days prior to each event.

Advanced Ordering Procedures:
Our Catering Manager will be in touch with you during the weeks leading up to your suite night. For your convenience, you may place your food order via our NEW SECURE online ordering system
SOCS (Suite Online Catering System), designed to be similar to most online store systems. Online orders will receive immediate acknowledgement by email. Always keep in mind that our Catering Manager is on hand to help you with your menu selection and to answer any questions. Call us anytime!

Delivery of advance orders:
In order to provide you and your guests with the finest service, we will deliver your advance order at the time you request. Hot food will be kept in chafing dishes in your suite. Cold food will be refrigerated in our kitchen up to your requested delivery time. Our service staff will assist with final touches and preparations. While in your suite, a suite attendant will be assigned to service your suite throughout the event. This service includes set up of your suite, greeting early guests, delivering suite menu food and beverage products, and personal attention for you and your guests throughout the game.

Day of game orders:
If you are unable to place an advance order, we welcome you to order when you arrive. Simply contact the suite attendant to place your order. Please be aware that game day orders may take up to one hour for delivery. Please note items, marked in red or with an * on the menu, that cannot be ordered day of game.

Payment Options:
Payment options for all food and beverage orders include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Check or Cash. A credit card number and expiration date will be required at the time the order is placed to guarantee your order. If you choose to provide a different method of payment upon arrival at the game, please notify your suite attendant.

Inclement Weather:
In the event a game is canceled due to inclement weather, please be aware of the following policies:

  • If you choose to cancel your food order for any reason, the Catering Manager must receive notification 4 hours prior to game time.
  • In the event a game is canceled prior to gates opening, the suite holder will not be held responsible for food orders. In this situation, an IFI representative will contact you.
  • If a game is delayed prior to or during play, food will be delivered to your suite as planned unless the order is canceled 4 hours prior to game time.
  • If you cancel your food order, you may still order from the suite menu when you arrive at the game. Please see the “Day of Game Orders” section for guidelines.