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Suite Catering

Welcome to the the Imagination Factory’s NEW and IMPROVED Suite Online Catering System (SOCS v2.0). SOCS v1.0 came out in 2007 (about the same time as Apple’s iphone), and is currently in use by a number of minor league baseball clubs for their online suite food ordering. SOCS v2.0 is a complete overhaul of the previous version based on all the things we learned from working with these first clubs over the years.

Today more and more people (fans) are using their tablets and smartphones to navigate the web. Simultaneously, email security has become tighter and many email carriers (AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Roadrunner, Gmail) have implemented numerous methods to block emails. SOCS v1.0 relied entirely on email transmission of the orders to the chef and was at the mercy of these carriers, if the email was blocked, the order could get delayed. SOCS v1.0 also wasn’t as mobile responsive as it needs to be today.

Over the years, fans have asked the clubs for more complex ordering options. And depending on where you are in the United States, there are many unique ways sales taxes and tips get calculated.

SOCS v2.0 addresses ALL those issue and then some! Here’s a rundown of the Highlights..

We’re now deploying a normal ecommerce structure underneath that pretty much anyone who shops online will intuitively understand.

Benefits to the User:

  • Familiar navigation, item selection, checkout process
  • Mobile Responsive (work on the desktop, tablet or smartphone)
  • Easier item ordering
  • One-time Guest or Frequent Fan Login purchasing
  • Secure ordering (SSL/padlock protected)
  • Immediate emailed order acknowledgement to purchaser

Benefits to Catering Staff:

  • Immediately emailed order data to one or multiple staff members
  • Order detail also stored in system for later retrieval (no lost orders)
  • Multiple Payment Gateways (Offline CC processing, Paypal, Heartland, Invoices, alternates are available)
  • Sales reports on items and variations ordered
  • Easy item, description & price modification
  • Multiple tax structures available
  • Possible price bundling, discount and coupon options

ORDER FOOD to see the system in action OR CLICK HERE to see the sample order emails.