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Who’s on First, What’s on Second

March 29th, 2018 by suites

SOCS v2.0, while adhering to all the good things of v1.0, is a substantial departure from the previous version.

One of the first questions we get is how will the orders look?

If you place a mock order and use check payment you’ll see the order confirmation that your fan will receive. As a site admin, you will also get something quite similar in look and detail. All order details are stored online so you can retrieve the order detail in the case that…

  • The Suite Fan wants to be invoiced
  • The Suite Fan wants to use a credit card (for security we only ship partial CC info via email)
  • The emailed order gets lost in transit to you.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the stored order detail, your emailed copy of the order, and the emailed acknowledgement/receipt to the purchaser. You can even print out an order checklist to ensure nothing is missing on gameday.

Order Detail

Fan’s Order

Fan’s Receipt

Order Checklist