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Looking for a way to increase your suite catering revenue and profitability for your suites?

Make the move from printed paper to online ordering!

Online ordering is “greener” by saving paper.

SOCS v2.0 is a one-time application license. Cost INCLUDES our time to construct your initial season menu. REQUIRES Training & Hosting ordered separately.

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Welcome to the the Imagination Factory’s NEW and IMPROVED Suite Online Catering System (SOCS).

There are advantages for both the fans and for the clubs who offer online suite food ordering.

  • Fans can order at will when they have time – 24/7 from any device, desktop, tablet, smartfone.
  • Fans can easily customize their order without errors in communication.
  • Fans get an immediate acknowledgement of their order via email.
  • Your club is able to take more orders with fewer staff.
  • Your club does not need someone to be on the phone to take the order.
  • Your club can offer ad hoc specials, coupons and discounts.
  • Menu & food item management is easier than ever.
  • Orders go straight to the kitchen via email, BUT are backed up online for later reference.
  • Ad Hoc Sales Reports and low inventory notification are possible.
  • Easy to add/delete/modify items.

Because it relied entirely on email transmission of the orders, if the email was lost, so was the order. The old system also wasn’t as mobile responsive as it could have been. And finally, it was a lot tougher to adapt to each club’s unique menus and taxing structure as well as making the annual changes to the menus.